A few words of praise...
1,000 Places to See Before You Die, A Traveler's Life List by Patricia Schultz - 2003
"But there is something special about the classic drive-in fun promised at Superdawg, open since 1948. Not only are the red hots flawless here, but so is the funky ambience, where you still order from outdoor "Order Matic" speakers and have your tray delivered by a carhop waitress who'll attach it to the side of your vehicle with a smile."
Zagat Survey Chicago Restaurants - 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007
"As much a part of Chicago as the Bears and the Daleys", this "kitschy, retro" Northwest Side "top dawg" is the No. 1 Bang for the Buck in our Survey and "has been there forever for a reason": "the Rolls-Royce of hot dogs" is "hung on your window" by carhops.
Frommer's Chicago - 2004
"My all-time favorite... is the legendary Superdawg Drive-In. It's impossible to miss: Mr. and Mrs. Superdawg in Tarzan and Jane tableaux, beckon the masses from the rooftop... The main attraction still arrives in a red 1950's-design enclosed box that declares on one side, 'YOUR SUPERDAWG LOUNGES INSIDE, CONTENTEDLY CUSHIONED IN SUPERFRIES'."
NorthShore Magazine - April 2003
Chef Henry Adaniya of Trio Restaurant in Chicago says, "I'd take every kid to Superdawg. It has a great hot dog and it's a drive-in-the only drive-in in the city. Where else are you going to find a place with carhops? They have incredible hot dogs. It's my favorite hot dog anywhere..you can't go wrong."
Fodor's CityGuide Chicago - 2003
"For the sake of nostalgia, pile the troops in the car and park it at Superdawg... Spirited Superdawg wraps burgers, dogs, and shakes on '50s-era graphics that salute diners with 'Hiya'!!"
National Geographic Traveler - October 1998
"The food here is inspired."
Eat Your Way Across the U.S.A. by Jane and Michael Stern - 1999
"Atop Superdawg stand a pair of humanoid hot dog statues... These kitsch characters signal a drive-in with the sort of come-hither personality all but vanished for roadside America... This box of good eats is a high-flavor, low-price joy that has been pleasing dog-hounds since 1948."
USA TODAY - July 22, 2003
"This slice of road-food heaven offers everything you want in a Chicago dog and in a drive-in."
Midwest Living Magazine - April 1990
"For Chicagoans, Maurie Berman's Superdawg Drive-In is nearly as recognizable a landmark as the Sears Tower."
The New York Times - July 3, 2002
"Prime Chicago outlets include... the old-fashioned drive-in Superdawg, whose franks are served in hilariously retro-themed cardboard boxes."
Travel and Leisure Magazine - April 2002
"Chicago is the hot-dog capital of the nation, and there's no finer frankfurter in the Windy City than at Superdawg Drive-In."
Chicago Magazine - June 1995
"Barking a hot-dog-and-chocolate-malt order into a vintage intercom at Superdawg [is] a quintessential summer hangout."
Chicago Sun-Times - March 30, 1996
"It's very rare, not just its function as a drive-in, but its design," said Chicago Landmarks Commission staffer Jim Peters, who will help lead a tour this weekend of modern roadside architecture, including Superdawg.
America West Airlines Magazine - November 1992
"Better that you stow the briefcase in the trunk and cruise to a place like Superdawg... Burgers and dogs arrive with grilled onions, pickle relish, hot peppers and crispy crinkle-cut fries. Thick milkshakes balance perfectly on the dashboard."
Chicago Tribune - Dining Guide May 21, 2000
"Great secret-recipe dogs."
AAA Home and Away Magazine - July/August 1992
"A delightful, possibly bizarre, glimpse of yesteryear, famous for its thick Supermalts and gooey Whoopercheesies."
North Shore Magazine - August 1992
"Not only does the Superdawg Drive-In cook up the best french fries around, but it serves them in a not-to-be-believed setting."
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